Secrets to Computer Virus Removal – How I Ticked off My Competition by Computer Virus Removal Specialist and Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham Computer Viruses are Dangerous Because They Will Steal Your: Credit card information Bank account information Usernames by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers Passwords by recording your keystrokes and sending them to the computer hackers And even YOUR IDENTITY! Get FREE Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Tips Click Here Today’s computer viruses, spyware, ransomeware, scareware and malicious software will: * Shut down your antivirus software * Lock you out of your computer even if you pay the fake fine from the FBI computer virus scam *Allow you only internet access to the hacker’s site after scaring you with fake anit-virus warnings that will not go away until you click the “BUY” button * Scare you with system errors with a program that will not go away AFTER it shuts down all your antivirus and spyware protection programs * Stop you from installing software to remove the computer virus. That’s right! They protect themselves now! * Install more computer viruses and spyware once a computer virus hacks through your security and invades your computer. Who am I? Rick Kirkham computer virus removal specialist Honolulu Hawaii My name is Rick Kirkham and I’m one of the best computer virus removal specialist here on Oahu in Honolulu Hawaii. How do I know I’m one of the best at removing computer viruses? Because I keep cleaning up the messes of my “competitors” . You see the real money is in repairing computer hardware. Most computer repair places just remove computer viruses on the side. If it takes too long they simply wipe the computer virus victim’s computer hard drive so the computer virus victim now loses all of his/her personal data such as photos and work files, thus making the computer virus victim a victim twice. Not only does the the computer virus victim who gave the okay to have his/her hard drive wiped clean lose all their photos and work files, those poor souls have to reinstall any software they were using including anti-virus software. Most of the computer clients I run across here in Honolulu Hawaii who had their computers wiped by one of my competitors DO NOT have the keys (a line of numbers and letters) to reinstall software they may have purchased. Some of this software such as Microsoft Office can be very expensive to have to purchase again. Symptoms of Computer Virus Infections * A slowing down of your computer system. * Popups even when you don't have an internet browser open such as Internet Explorer. * Popups after loading your internet browser * Your internet Home Page being changed without your permission * Your default search engine changed without your permission. Usually to something not recognized. * New toolbars showing up on your internet browser. These are the top of the internet browser which takes away from what you're actually trying to read. * An “antivirus” program you never installed that is hard to get rid of warning you of other virus infections. The Symptoms now include Apple computers and even cell phones! * Quality Computer Virus Removal Can Be Expensive! * Buying a new computer instead of getting the computer virus removed won’t help because you’ll keep the same habits and surf to the same places! * Buying an Apple won’t help since they also get computer viruses now! As a computer operating system becomes popular it draws the attention of computer hackers! * Computer hackers are constantly updating their methods to break into your computer, steal your information or trick you into “buying” fake antivirus software to get your credit card. THEREFORE…. I'm Sharing My Computer Virus Removal Knowledge and Tools with The World! After much thought and consideration, I have decided to share the knowledge and software I use to remove computer viruses with the world. I know the expense of having a professional remove your computer virus. I charge $75.00 per hour to remove computer viruses here in Honolulu Hawaii. It takes me about one and one-half hours to remove a computer virus and use my God given skill and experience to make sure the chances of it coming back due to a breach in security is as low as possible. That’s $125.00 for computer virus removal on an average. Are there people that are work cheaper? Of course! And I’ve received calls from those clients who have unfortunately found that you get what you pay for. So Now I Had to Consider The Price and Value of an Ebook That Contains ALL of My Knowledge of Removing Computer Viruses With Download Links to ALL The Tools I Use to Remove Computer Viruses I didn’t want the cost to be so cheap all my competitors would buy it. Fortunately most of them think they already know all there is to know about removing computer viruses and are just waiting for the next computer hardware job instead. I also want the average end computer user to benefit from this and save money. By utilizing my teacher training (dual certified teacher) and my experience as an in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii , I was able to write very understandable explanations for the average computer user on how to remove a computer virus. Therefore I decided on only $49.00! This will make my competitors think twice about purchasing a book containing ALL my computer virus removal knowledge with links to downloadable tools, yet it will SAVE you, my reader, A LOT OF MONEY on having to have a professional virus removal specialist make a housecall or onsite visit. Order now - plan ahead Honolulu Hawaii residents and all of Oahu may contact me for in home and onsite computer, ipad, tablet, iphone and smart cell phone lessons and computer virus removal by visiting my website at for up to date contact information